Loan amount applied for Rs.    :
Rate of interest (%)    :

Year Months EMI  
1 12 8796.91 View schedule
2 24 4660.74 View schedule
3 36 3288.55 View schedule
4 48 2607.31 View schedule
5 60 2202.42 View schedule
6 72 1935.66 View schedule
7 84 1747.8 View schedule


  • EMI calculations & payment schedule are estimated indicative value/s basis your inputs for non-commercial vehicle only. EMI value may/may not vary across financiers/loan providers. EMI values are independent of Down Payment amounts. EMI’s are exclusive of any applicable mandatory fees and taxes/charges/fees if any.
  • All loans are at the sole discretion of the banks/financiers/NBFC’s and subject to credit approval. Actual down payment and monthly instalment may vary and are dependent on vehicle type and its usage, financiers lending policies and your credit rating with an independent national credit level rating agency.
  • Ecardlr requests and advices you to please cross-check all finance related details with your car dealer / preferred financier.
  • Ecardlr directly does not finance any car loan, it can only act as a facilitator for the same basis your instructions and approvals.

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